Climate-Controlled Storage Options

When you need to store temperature-sensitive items, our climate-controlled storage offers an extra level of protection from the weather. The heat and humidity of our Wilmington, NC, summers can wreak havoc on delicate items like electronics or family heirlooms. Climate-controlled storage units are best for these kinds of belongings because they maintain interior temperatures and humidity levels within a certain range. This protects your items from exposure to temperature extremes and prevents moisture buildup.

Peace of Mind for Your Delicate Items

Climate-controlled units are ideal for storing business items like important documents, promotional materials, or photographs. It’s also great for personal items like artwork, upholstery, and clothing. If you want a little extra peace of mind when storing your possessions, climate-controlled units are the perfect solution.

For more information about all our storage options, call and speak with our friendly and professional staff.

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